Yokowo offers three types of catalog product categories, including convential spring loaded connector (aka. pogo) , specialized in waterproof, easy assembly, high current and our original unique shape connectors. With these wide variaty of line-up, we can assist your design need. Other than off-the-shelf products, Yokowo also provides custom solution in accordance with customer's need.


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Announcement for ELECTRONICA 2019 show in China.

Yokowo will be exhibiting at the Electronics from March 20-22, 2019.


10A High Current Pogo Pin Connector

Yokowo has developed a High Current 10 A Pogo Pin Connector for our standard line up of products. It's coming soon!!


Announcement for ELECTRONICA show in Germany (Largest Trade Fair in Munich!)

Yokowo will be exhibiting at the Electronica during 2018 Nov 13-16. This is one of the most famous electronics shows in Europe.


Uses of Yokowo Connectors in Industrial Equipment (E.g. Robot Arm)

High cycle durability & easily detachable spring pins allow for easy usability in industrial equipment, such as robot arms,tool changers,effectors and quick change systems.



Yokowo Spring Loaded Connector...

As the world's largest spring loaded connector (Pogo pin) manufacturer, and with over two decades of experience researching and developing spring contact technology, Yokowo designs and produces connectors that respond to the technical demands of advanced electronic devices. Our expansive selection includes hundreds of exceptionally reliable and compact connectors.

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