News Letter has been released(2024.Mar)!! We have developed Spring Connectors with a Working Height of 1mm

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 We’ve revisited the structure of our conventional spring connectors from the ground up, and by integrating the spring and pin, we’ve achieved reducing the height of about 30% compared to a conventional one. We’ve developed the lowest-profile spring connector in our standard lineup, with a mating height of 1mm, and we will start selling it in April. 

【Product Features】

A typical spring connector consists of three components: spring, pin, and tube. However, when the height of the pin is significantly reduced in comparison to its diameter, a stacking phenomenon inside the tube can occur, causing the pin to get stuck. On the other hand, if the pin’s diameter is made too narrow to avoid this issue, it may not effectively press against the inner surface of the tube, leading to spring burnout and other risks.

Our product addresses these challenges by integrating the spring and pin into a single component. Despite maintaining a low insertion height of 1mm, this design prevents the stacking issue. Additionally, using the same material for both the spring and pin enhances its conductivity, making electrical contact easier. As a result, not only does it prevent spring burnout, but it also increases the permissible current from the conventional 0.5A to 2A. This innovative structure is currently pending patent approval.

■Product Outline

Item Spec
Product Name Spring Connector
Number of Contact 1
Working Height 1mm
Working Range (Ref.) 0.95~1.05mm
Current Rating 2A
Contact Resistance  50mOhm Max

We believe the “Spring Connectors with a Working Height of 1mm” that we developed will contribute to miniaturizing wearable devices. Yokowo will continue to leverage our core technologies that we’ve cultivated over a 100 years of history by contributing to the further evolution of electronic devices.


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Mar, 2024