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Experience in developing more than 5,000 custom products.

Our experienced sales staff will listen and suggest you the best connector that suits your size, shape, spec, and design.
And our extensive global network can provide support close to all the different stages in a product's development process.

Pogo Pin Design

Yokowo has many customization options from number of pins, pin diameter, contact height, stroke, spring force, plating thickness, and sequence control through different heights.
Also, we offer customization options on mounting (SMD, Through Hole, Press fit)

Request example
  • Make it as compact as possible
  • Design the spring force to match the design of the device
  • Absorb mating gap
  • Change working height
  • Absorb mating gap through stroke
  • Arrange contact sequence by pin combination
  • Assemble with cable

Pogo Pin Design

Housing Design

Housing design to match a device's custom pin arrangement or pitch.

Request example
  • Select contact number
  • Design for the shape of the device
  • Develop both male and female connectors
  • Change to right angle

Housing Design

Extra Spec Design
(Waterproof/High Speed Transmission/High Current)

Request example
  • Require waterproof spec (IPX7)
  • Require dustproof spec
  • Require high current
  • Require high speed transmission; USB3.1 (10Gbps)
  • Raise Operational durability

Extra Spec Design

In addition to those described above, here are some other examples
Please feel free to contact us.

  • Integrated Pogo Pin ConnectorsIntegrated Pogo Pin ConnectorsIntegrated Pogo Pin Connectors
  • Two Piece ConnectorTwo Piece Connector
  • Lead SocketLead Socket

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