News Letter has been released(2023.Nov)!! ~Press Fit Vacuum Cap (multiple contacts)~Contribute… Carbon (CO₂) Reduction and Space Saving‼~

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In this issue, we are pleased to introduce Yokowo Spring Connector's environmentally friendly Press Fit Vacuum Cap (multiple contacts).

【Press Fit Vacuum Cap (multiple contacts)】

Yokowo’s SPRING CONNECTOR™ comes with a vacuum cap for board mounting. 

Generally, connectors are mounted onto boards that have a flat surface on the top of the product that is sucked and mounted by a vacuum.  
SPRING CONNECTOR™ by itself basically doesn’t have a flat top surface, so a cap is needed for suction.
 Our Standard CAP is directly attached to the pin if it is a single pin, and attached to a housing if it has multiple pins, but we now offer a new cap option, which allows a single cap to hold multiple pins.
This option enables housing-less and contributes to reducing Carbon (CO₂) emissions!

【Advantages on Press Fit Vacuum Cap (multiple contacts) 】

Other Advantages (Space Saving)
Single pins can be mounted onto a PCB next each other, but not if the pins are narrower than 2.5mm due to the vacuum caps interfering with one another.
The New cap option enables mounting of a narrower pitch, even a 1.8mm pitch is possible without housing.

Other Advantages (Space Saving)
In the case the size of the cap is too large, it interferes with other components on the PCB, especially when the PCB density is tight, so the connector including the cap size is one of the keys to save space. 
There is no housing required by adopting the new cap option, which allows additional space saving. 
Yokowo introduction movie Yokowo Fine Connector Div. ​​​​introduction movie

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*The above link will direct you to YouTube site.
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