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In this month’s Yokowo Newsletter we will cover the through hole connector.


Yokowo ConnectorsThrough-hole Types

In addition to standard surface mount SMT types, Yokowo also offers through-hole type connectors.

Both SPRING CONNECTOR® and Two Piece Blade Connectors have through-hole variations in its standard series.

Custom design options are available.


【Advantages in Using Through-hole Type Connectors​​​​​  】

<1. Easy to use with hand-soldering & attaching to lead wire>

Customers often find SMT types difficult to hand-solder onto PCBs at the early stages of product development.
SMT types work the best with the reflow process, but small quantity trial builds are often done by hand-solder.

Through-hole types connectors are highly recommended in these early prototype stages.
Through-hole features enables easy soldering onto universal circuit boards or lead wires.

<2. Superior in Positional Accuracy>

Compared to SMT, through-hole types are more stable and better in positional accuracy.
This advantage is especially appreciated when the connector itself is exposed to external forces and when an application requires a larger connector size.

<3. Many Options to Choose From!>

We also have a standard Floating spring connector series.
Customers can choose from a wide range of pin heights for the floating spring.

<4. Two Piece Blade Connector>

We have a variety of through-hole types.

[Two Piece Blade Connector series]

*Click the link for the newsletter about the Two Piece Blade Connector​​​​


​​​​​<5. Customization is more than welcome!>

The SPRING CONNECTOR® is available for customization. 
Dimensions: Connector size, Stroke length, Pitch, Radius at the contact point, etc.
Specifications: Plating material, Spring force, and other electrical/mechanical features.

If you would like to customize, please feel free to contact us.

【Application Examples】

1) Cradle for electronic devices.

SPRING CONNECTOR® for cradles need high cycle counts and shock resistance in some cases.
Also, PCB and lead wiring are often used for internal circuitry in the cradle body.
Strength of through hole types connectors have a higher reliability soldering than SMD and are available to be soldered to a lead wire.
We believe our through hole connector will help in your cradle development.


2) Industrial and Car Equipment

The connectors for Industrial and car equipment fields require vibration resistance.
This connector has advantages in positional stability strength due to the through hole structure.


【Editor’s Notes】

Yokowo tries to make improvements and develop new products regardless of the specific market or products based on customer’s feedback
We are further increasing our standard catalog connectors in order to reduce the burden of customer’s design and initial costs. Also, we advise the best solutions based on our experience and achievements.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any requirements, inquiries, or questions.

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