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In this month’s Yokowo Newsletter we will cover our plating technologies.


【Features of Plating Technology】

We have our own plating technology, and Yokowo has over 30 years of experience.
We focus on research and development for next-generation products.

The Tomioka Factory in Gunma Prefecture, Japan is responsible for quality improvement and research and development.  The plating process for mass production is carried out mainly at our factory in Malaysia. 

Our Malaysia factory

【Advantages of Our Plating Technologies​​​​​  】

1.   <Reliable Ni-Au Plating>
Yokowo’s standard connectors, including SPRING CONNECTORⓇ, uses a combination of underlying plating of Ni and a surface plating of Au to achieve high reliability.
Plating thickness is strictly controlled in all subcomponent levels in order to meet the plating specifications for each individual connector.

From basic specs

Rated Current: AC/DC 12V – 2A
Contact Resistance: 50 mohm Max
Operating Surrounding Temperature: -40℃~+85℃
Cycle Durability: 20,000 cycles

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2.  <Anti-Corrosion>
We can customize plating specifications for harsh environments.
Example: Anti-chemical corrosion

3. <Nickel Free>

Metal allergy is caused when the skin touches certain metals.
With an increase in demand for wearable devices, connectors have a higher chance of making direct contact with skin.
Dermatitis is one of the most common types of Nickel allergies.
To prevent skin rashes, the demand for a Nickel Free plating requirement has been increased.  
Our standard plating spec includes a Nickel plating under the Au plating for connectors, but we can also propose a Nickel free connector.

4. <Lower Cost Alternatives>
In cases where the spec of the SPRING CONNECTORⓇ is above the requirements, and the customer is looking for more of a cost advantage over product performance, Yokowo has an alternative lineup with thinner plating.
Connectors with thinner plating will be added to the standard product line soon; it will also be available in multiple pin counts and height variations.



5. <Proposal for Optimal Plating>
Yokowo can propose from different plating types and thicknesses to meet specific customer needs as well as unique requirements such as:
- high reliability / operational durability
- environmental durability
- thicknesses
- surface color (gold/silver)​​​​​​

【Application Examples】

1)True wireless earbuds ~contact pad for earbuds~(Allergy-free/Sliver color plating)

Charging cradle
Our 「SPRING CONNECTOR®」 can be used as a charging cradle for charger pins.

Nickel free plating is available, in order to avoid allergic reactions and infection for those who are sensitive to nickel.

Other than gold color plating, we can also provide silver color plating.


2) Connector for internal connection(Low cost type)

Connectors for internal connections require less durability and don’t have high requirements.
For these applications, we propose a connector with a thinner Au plating than the standard for cost reduction. 
The connector is planned to be released and expanded to our standard line-up.
(The connector is not listed on our website yet, so please contact us for more information)

Of course, it is possible to make a custom proposal to meet your specific requirements.

[Application Example]

-Smart home device (PCB to PCB connection)

-Wireless speaker (Internal connection for signal transmission)


【Editor’s Notes】

Yokowo tries to make improvements and develop new products regardless of the specific market or products based on customer’s feedback
We are further increasing our standard catalog connectors in order to reduce the burden of customer’s design and initial costs. Also, we advise the best solutions based on our experience and achievements.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any requirements, inquiries, or questions.

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