News Letter has been released(2022.May)!! ~Right angle connector & Its application~

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In this month’s Yokowo newsletter, we would like to introduce Right Angle Connectors and its applications.
The customization for Right Angle connectors is just as flexible as Yokowo standard connectors.


【What are Right Angle Connectors?】

Right Angle Connectors are a variation of Yokowo’s standard connectors, which are designed to be mounted on a PCB in the horizontal position.

This option provides customers with a greater freedom in the device’s design, since the mating side doesn’t necessarily have to be parallel to the surface to where the Spring Connectors are mounted.

【Advantages of Right Angle Connectors  】

This connector allow you to mount it horizontally on to a PCB.
It can help make your product thinner.
Wide variety of options are available with different mating positions and number of contacts.

Consult us for custom designs to make these standard connectors fit your device better.

Our leaf connector also allows you to mount horizontally on to a PCB.
The connector can float allowing it to move front to back and side to side.
Also, it can absorb misalignment after it is mounted, it allows for an easier assembly process.

Just like our other connector types, the Right Angle Connectors are available to be customized
Dimensions: Connector size, Stroke length, Pitch, Radius at the contact point, etc.
Specifications: Plating material, Spring force, and other electrical/mechanical features.

【Application Examples】

1.For Battery Contacts

The Right Angle Connectors are used in IoT devices such as Smartphones and Mobile applications in their battery connections.
Recently, batteries are needed to be swappable for high use applications.
SPRING CONNECTOR® can be easily be used to detach and replace a battery.
Leaf Connectors and Two Piece Connectors also helpful with stable and reliable connections.

2. For Uses as Ground

Our connectors are used in a wide range of devices in various industries, which require a stable and reliable connection such as Mobile Computers, Auto-Motive, Medical, Industrial, Consumer Electronics and others.
SPRING CONNECTOR® can be utilized for data trans-mission and ground.

Our single right angle connector can be the best choice for ground.
Its compact nature also gives a high degree of freedom in its placement.

【Editor’s Notes】

Yokowo tries to make improvements and develop new products regardless of the specific market or products based on customer’s feedback
We are further increasing our standard catalog connectors in order to reduce the burden of customer’s design and initial costs. Also, we advise the best solutions based on our experience and achievements.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any requirements, inquiries, or questions.

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May, 2022