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Hello Everyone, In this month’s issue of Yokowo’s newsletter, we would like to introduce a unique anniversary and some of Yokowo’s activities that are related to it.
In recent years in Japan, we started seeing many people dressed in cartoon characters at the end of October during the Halloween season and compare costumes in the streets just for fun, an activity also called “cosplay.”
Also, back in 1992 on October 9th it was declared as “Day of Trucks” by Japan Trucking Association for purposes of reducing traffic accidents, improving labor conditions and environment, as well as becoming a better partner in the local community.

Trucks play a huge role in industries such as construction and logistics, and we would like to introduce some examples of how Yokowo connectors are used in those industries.

Japan’s Traffic System is very hectic, carrying 4.8 billion tons of cargo a year. More than 90% of that cargo involves trucks.
Safety, accuracy, and timeliness are crucial factors in logistics, and there are different types of systems developed to support them.

・POS(Point Of Sales)
・WMS(Warehouse Management System)
・TMS(Transport Management System)

These systems have enabled tracking of individual merchandise and pushed forward the IoT trend in the industry .

Every package is labeled with a barcode or QR code, which are read using handheld devices to manage orders, inventory, and shipments.
By collecting all this data, cargo shipments become much easier to handle with time, location, and quantity being highly visible.

You may have seen a delivery person using a handheld device.
In fact, most logistic companies are using these systems today.


【Types of IT Devices】

In the logistics industry alone, there are several different types of IT devices.
Back-end offices, warehouses, transportation, and local deliveries all have different specified needs in the devices they use, so IT devices in logistics are often specifically tailored, instead of regular smartphones or tablet devices.

Environmental durability needs to be tough when used outside, and the battery needs to be powerful if a device is used for long distance transports.
In general, environmental durability, robustness, battery life, and a stable performance are a must in IT devices in logistics.

Yokowo has met the ever increasingly challenging customer requirements for connector specs and features in the logistics industry.

【Examples of Applications】

From the latest customers’ feedback, we’ve learned that vibration/shock resistance, waterproof, and cycle durability are the most focused and in demand features, so we are further developing better quality connectors to keep satisfying our customers’ technical demands.

Two Piece Blade Connectors give a stable electrical connection and are strong against vibration and shock.〉

Having a power supply that enables the device to be used safely and securely indoors or outdoors is an important factor.Especially for handheld devices, having a strong resistance against vibration and shock is key.

Yokowo’s two piece blade connectors are highly reliable for a stable power supply connection.

A key feature for the two piece blade connector is its movement absorption when mated, it keeps the current securely stable compared to competitors’ designs.This feature prevents the device from blackouts if there happens to be vibration or shock that is applied to it, which enables you to use your device safely and stably.

Waterproof Connector for a strong environmental resistance.〉

Waterproof and being strong against different environments is becoming more important for devices used in the indoor-outdoor situation.

It’s expected to be used not only in humid, rain, snow, but survive being submerged in some cases.Yokowo’s waterproof connector helps meet the customer’s device specification for waterproof.

YOKOWO can offer the best waterproof solution based on a customer’s specific design needs.

Some available options are Potting, O-ring, and Rubber sheet. All waterproof connectors are tested through an air leak test, which is 100% inspected before being shipped.

We also offer customized connectors that can meet a customer’s specific requirements other than our standard connectors.

High Durability Connector for devices with long life cycles and repeated charging.〉

Most of the information terminal equipment used in corporations are used by multiple people, which requires the device to be cable of being charged multiple times.Compared to mobile phone chargers, cradles for industrial device need to have high durability and multiple slots.

Yokowo’s high durability connector helps with the device life to last longer.
By optimizing the material parts, it makes the connector highly durable even though the appearance is similar to the specification of the standard connector.

Yokowo recommends the use of this connector not only in cradle charging, but in applications with frequent mating cycles.

Yokowo tries to make improvements and develop new products regardless of the specific market or products based on customer’s feedback.

We are further increasing our standard catalog connectors in order to reduce the burden of customer’s design and Initial cost. Also, we advise the best solutions based on our experience and achievements.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any requirements, inquiries, or questions.

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・Newsletter June.2021 [This Month in History] "Anniversary of Time"

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