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This month, we would like to introduce Yokowo’s current effort on “High Current Connectors”.



There are many types of connectors in the market, which are developed to meet various kinds of applications.Especially, for industrial equipment, the requirements on connectors are often unique and different from consumer products.
For example, a rated current of 12V/2A is adequate for most consumer product connectors, while devices used at factories require a much higher current rating, sometimes 10A or more.
Yokowo has been developing a lineup of standard connectors to meet the demand for higher amperage.

【Yokowo’s High Current Rated Connectors】

Instead of simply making a connector larger so that it could handle more electrical current, we ensure that our high current connectors possess the same advantages as our regular Spring Pin Connectors: durable, compact, and great electrical performance.
Yokowo’s High Current Spring Pin Connectors have a unique internal structure to avoid major risks that are associated with high amperage use such as excess temperature rise and ignition due to an overload.


【Indications for Temperature Rise】

When a connector is energized, heat is generated in the parts where electricity is flowing, including the connector.
(Joule Heating)

As the electrical current that is applied become larger, the temperature rises higher as well.
(Joule's laws:  Q=I2Rt)

Yokowo’s approach is to lower the resistance of the connector itself, which consequently contributes to a lower temperature rise.


【Benchmarks for Current Ratings】

Current rating of Yokowo connectors are specified based on the connectors’ temperature rise when in use.
Our temperature rise benchmark is set at 30 degree Celsius or below for each connector.

【Standard Products of High Current Spring Pin Connector】

Our standard Spring Pin Connectors are rated at 2A.
High current standard products come in 3 varieties (plus one under development)

High current standard products are equally as compact as our standard connectors and have similarly competitive specifications.

【Application Example 1 – Industrial Robot】

Industrial robots are used in factories to manufacture goods.
They roughly consist of two parts: the arm and hand.  The hand needs to be changed depending on what role a robot needs to play.
The interface between the arm and hand is called a tool-changer, and Yokowo Connectors are used for the connection.
We have successfully introduced to many customers who value the easy-attach/remove feature of Yokowo connectors, as well as other features such as high durability, ruggedness, small size, and high current rating.


【Application Example 2 – Mobile Industrial Robots】

“Smart factory” has been a popular term in recent years, and mobile industrial robots play a big role in this concept. In addition to carrying products from one location to another, these robots are programmed to return to the charging station by itself.

Yokowo’s high current connectors can be used for charger-robot interfaces.

Other than a high current rating, mobile industrial robots require the same features as floor cleaning robots such as:
 ・Operating Hours (long battery life & short charge time)
 ・Rugged & Tough against harsh environments
 ・Small robot size, ultimately the connector size matters

<Advantages of Yokowo’s High Current Connectors>
 ・High speed charging (can take a high current)
 ・Ingress protection equivalent to IP67
 ・Highly durable
 ・Compact size

【Editor’s Notes】

Yokowo tries to make improvements and develop new products regardless of the specific market or products based on customer’s feedback
We are further increasing our standard catalog connectors in order to reduce the burden of customer’s design and initial costs. Also, we advise the best solutions based on our experience and achievements.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any requirements, inquiries, or questions.

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