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In this month’s issue of Yokowo’s newsletter, we would like to introduce Yokowo’s waterproof connector.


【Standard for waterproof (IP Rating)】

Many electronics devices are adding the feature of being waterproof as the demand for it is getting more common.

The IP Code (or International Protection Rating, sometimes also called Ingress Protection Rating) consists of the letters IP followed by two digits and an optional letter. As defined in international standard IEC 60529, it classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects (including body parts like hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water in electrical enclosures. The standard aims to provide users more detailed information than vague marketing terms such as waterproof.

The digits (characteristic numerals) indicate conformity with the conditions summarized in the tables below. 


I P 6 7

①dustproof ②waterproof

[Protection against dustproof]

Class IP Code Definition
0 IP0x No protection against contact and ingress of objects
1 IP1x Protected against any large surface of the body, such us as the back of a hand.
Protected against solid objects greater than 50mm in size.
2 IP2x Protected against access to hazardous parts by a finger or similar object.
Protected against solid objects greater than 12.5mm in size.
3 IP3x Protected against access to hazardous parts with a tool or thick wire.
Protected against solid objects greater than 2.5mm in size.
4 IP4x Protected against access to hazardous parts with a wire, screw, etc.
Protected against solid objects greater than 1mm in size.
5 IP5x Protected against access hazardous parts. Dust protected.
6 IP6x Protected against access to hazardous parts. Dust-tight.

[Protection against waterproof]
Class IP Code Definition
0 IPx0 No protection 
1 IPx1 Protects against water falling vertically
2 IPx2 Protects against water falling vertically with component tilted up to 15 deg.
3 IPx3 Protects against water falling vertically with component tilted up to 60 deg.
4 IPx4 Protects against water splashing from all directions
5 IPx5 Protects against jets of water with little water permitted
6 IPx6 Protects against heavy seas of water projected with powerful jets
7 IPx7  Protects against the effects of immersion in water between 15cm and 1m below surface from 30 minutes
8 IPx8 Protects against the effects of immersion in water under pressure for long periods

FAQ regarding waterproof.

【Higher grade means a higher performance?】

It is thought that a higher grade means a higher performance, but that isn’t necessarily true. For example, Test method for IPx5 or 6 are for jet flow and IPx7 is for submerging, which are completely different.
If the item passes the submerge test, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will pass the jet flow test. This example shows how a higher grade doesn’t always mean a higher performance.


【Does IPx7 not guarantee for dustproof?】

There are many products that show IPx6 or IPx7, but still have features for dustproof.
This doesn’t necessarily mean the product doesn’t meet the requirements for dustproof.
In order to put a number in the part ① that shows the dustproof performance, it’s necessary to be clear the standard of protection not only against the intrusion of dust, but also against the approach of fingers and tools to dangerous places, and the test that is carried out. If it hasn’t been done, the notation is "x".


【The meaning for an additional letter after IP rating】

Such as IP67DH, some ratings have additional letters after the number.
This letter shows strict definitions for testing waterproof and dustproof.
As with the "x" mentioned above, it doesn’t mean that the performance is poor due to having no alphabetical notation.
Additional letter Definition 
A Safe against contact with back-of-hand 
(access probe, ball 50mmΦ)
B Finger-safe
(test fingers 12mmΦ and 80mm long)
C Access with tools
(access probe, ball 2.5mm Φ)
D Access with wire
(access prove, ball 1.0mmΦ)
Supplementary Definition
H High-voltage electrical equipment
M Tested when moving parts are in operation
S Tested when moving parts have come to a standstill
W Tested in specified weather conditions
If any other notation shown above, please contact us 

【Yokowo’s efforts for waterproofing】

Yokowo conducts practical tests and alternative tests for waterproof connector. Practical test takes time to get results due to preparing equipment and water for submerging.
If we add this practical inspection process, we must implement a sampling test.
However, an alternative test enable us to get results more quickly and we can implement a 100% inspection before shipping.

To ensure quality assurance, all waterproof connectors are tested by an air leakage machine during mass production.


【Air leakage test】

The air leakage test is an inspection that measures the pneumatic tightness of the produced components. This test get results quickly and easily, it is done during mass production.
Using an air leakage test, Yokowo can perform not only the IP standard, but also customer’s required specifications.

Yokowo can make custom connectors and has experience supporting 1Mpa pressure in previous projects. (Yokowo also has a high-pressure injector for reliability testing)

Air leakage detector (made by Javich)

Please feel free to ask us for detail.

Yokowo also accepts customer’s required testing.

【Introduction to waterproof connector】

●〈New product〉Waterproof Blade & Receptacle Connectors

Yokowo newly released waterproof blade & receptacle connectors. This connector retains the floating function of the blade & receptacle connectors with the added benefit of waterproof.
It was difficult to achieve a connector that has both these two features, but Yokowo finally developed a connector with these two features and additionally added more robustness features.

〈Isolated contact area〉
Fully partitioned off the contact area to prevent short circuit between adjacent contacts.


Waterproof pogo connector (male and female)

The receptacle side is waterproofed with an O-ring, and the plug side is waterproofed with a sheet. A flange is provided on each connector so that waterproofing between the customer’s product and the connector can be ensured when the connector is attached.

Please feel free to contact us if you need further details on ensuring the waterproofness of the device.

【High Speed Transmission Connector (male & female)】

High speed transmission connector that Yokowo introduced in the previous newsletter also has waterproof features.

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Technology for highspeed transmission


【Other content】

Yokowo can propose a wide variety of various waterproof methods as we have plenty of experience.
Waterproof technology: O-ring, rubber sheet, potting, double-sided tape 

Waterproof structure (example)

Yokowo also can propose assembly connector with waterproof
・Product waterproof 
・waterproof with cable

As we introduced in this newsletter, Yokowo can conduct various waterproof tests.
Please feel free reach us if you have any inquiry.

【Editor’s Notes】

Yokowo tries to make improvements and develop new products regardless of the specific market or products based on customer’s feedback
We are further increasing our standard catalog connectors in order to reduce the burden of customer’s design and initial costs. Also, we advise the best solutions based on our experience and achievements.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any requirements, inquiries, or questions.​​​​​

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