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Yokowo’s headquarters will be relocating, and we have a special offer in celebration.Please recommend this newsletter to your colleagues!

Starting from October 18th, Yokowo’s headquarters will move from Takinogawa, Kita-ku to Sudamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
It has been 30 years, since the previous headquarters building was first built. In order to improve the workplace environment and to better accomplish corporate philosophy of “constantly moving forward.”

In this issue, we would like to introduce the Kanda area where the new office resides.

【​​What is “Kanda”】

Kanda is an area near the Kanda station, which is located next to the Tokyo station. It is known for its business district, many bars, and restaurants.

Kanda used to be a district in the past, but it was merged with Koujimachi district, and currently it is a part of Chiyoda district. Kanda has 10 stations where major railways and subways pass through. 

The origin of Kanda is from the Kanda shrine.  The shrine is very crowded on the 1st of January because many Japanese worshipers go on this date. However, due to many major Japanese companies having their headquarters in this area, visitors on the 4th of January is more than the 1st of January.
(4th of January is when workers return to the company from holiday. )

Kanda has a famous festival called “Kanda Matsuri”, which is held in May, once every two years, and more than two hundred portable shrines (Mikoshi) is paraded.
(Unfortunately, the festival was cancelled due to COVID.)

【Akihabara; popular spot in Kanda】

Akihabara is part of the Kanda area and one of the most famous sightseeing spots in recent years due to being a destination for being a pop culture source for games, animes, and figures. 

Akihabara is also famous for its district for electronic devices, this is due to a government directive that made many radio part shops move to this area after World War II. Since then, Akihabara has been the center for trends from home appliances device, radio device, TV, cellphone, etc.

As you may know, Yokowo connector are used in many consumer devices such as cellphones and audiovisual equipment, our connectors continue to be adapted into many electronic devices.

When cellphones were booming in the market, the requirement from cell phone maker was 
・Thinner and miniaturization for cellphones・・・”space saving for electronic parts”
・Replaceable battery pack for long time use ・・・”easy to mate/remove, high durability”
・Efficiency for productivity ・・・”easy mating”
・Safe and easy to use・・・”high reliability”
and the spring connector met this requirement.
Especially, spacing saving and easy mate/remove features were evaluated.

Still today, spring connectors are continually being further developed by adding valued features to meet the current trends of the market.

Yokowo hopes for a good future as we transfer to the Kanda area near Akihabara.

【About sample and purchase of spring connector】

Akihabara is the center of Japanese pop culture. The district has been known for various retailers of electronics and components for years, which is being made available online in recent years.

Yokowo connectors can’t be purchased at local retailers in Akihabara, but we made them available at some e-commerce websites. You can purchase from a minimum of one piece, which makes it highly accessible for customer’s early testing stages and preliminary evaluations.

As a special offer to celebrate our office move, we will give away free samples up to 5 pcs for each request.
Submit your sample request in the Inquiry form.
*Available parts can be found at Products.
*The limited time offer end on December 31st.

Take advantage of the limited time offer and give it a try!

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