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Hello everyone, 
Recently, drones have become very popular not only as an individual hobby, but also in the industrial market.  One of the key advantages for using drones is its ability to fly and shoot where it is difficult for humans to reach like in high places. This allows us to work and shoot more efficiently without the risk to human life.  Also, its advantages of being compact, light weight, and not requiring much space for takeoff and landing. In this newsletter, we would like to introduce the history of drones, its prospect, and Yokowo’s relationship with drones.

【History of Drones】

The very first drone-like device is said to be developed by the American military, BQ-7, back in 1944.
However, the name drone became common after a French company, Parrot, introduced the “AR Drone” to the market in 2010 and it became a globally successful product.

【How Drones Are Used Today】

Shooting videos with a drone is the most popular use for them today.  Operating a drone is relatively simple these days, as it has become widely used in both professional and amateur video photographers.
Aside from shooting photography and video, drones are contributing to the human labor market as well. In industries like agriculture and construction/maintenance work.  There are more and more drones being introduced to the workplace, especially in places with safety concerns and a shortage in the labor force.
Drones have created new markets in the entertainment industry such as drone light shows.

【Potential Application of Drones】

Drones’ potential applications such as AI technology are drawing a lot of attention as it is becoming more attainable. 
A quick response is key during natural disasters.  Drones can arrive at the sites, survey the damage, find those who are in need all before rescuers can reach there.
Agriculture has traditionally been a labor-intensive industry. With drones being used to monitor crops, spraying pesticides, and so on, their need is expected in increase exponentially as we find more ways to improve the industry.
Logistics is another field where drones have great potential. In the future, drones are expected to operate on their own for deliveries of shipments.
At CES 2021, which was held in January 2021, a manned drone grabbed a lot of attention and became big news. Manned operation will require an even higher level of safety, which is likely to be another focus in its development.

【Yokowo Connector’s Advantages for Drones】

​​​​Drones have various types depending on its shape, spec, use, etc.
Connectors in drones are required to be light, highly reliable, have a strong stable connection, and be used for long periods of time. 
Yokowo’s connector technology has been used in the mobile terminal market and wireless earphone market for more than 30 years.
Yokowo believes the following features are advantages for drone.

Low Profile
Smallest working height pogo pin connector is 1.5mm, which helps for a small-sized and light drone.

Waterproof capabilities is important for drones where environmental resistance is key.  We will propose the best waterproof method that meets the customer’s requirement based on our experience.

Vibration and Shock Resistance
Our original two-piece blade connector is strong against vibration and impact resistance due to its floating feature, which absorbs the mating gap when in operation.

【Case Study】

・Connections for Arm/Body/Internal Connection for Camera/Battery Connection: 
Pogo pin connects with simple compression, which simplifies the process and are a huge space saver.

・Board to Board Connection: 
Pogo pin connectors support SMT and can have a minimum footprint of Φ2.4mm.  These features help in miniaturization and assembly automation.

・Cradle Connection: 
Yokowo connectors have high durability and a floating function, which helps to absorb the mating gap when charging.

In addition to our standard line up, we specialize in custom designed connectors.
If you have any questions or concerns about your device’s design, please feel free to reach us.

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Low profile & space-saving spring connector.

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