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Our lifestyles have been forced to change a lot due to COVID, and 2021 is half-way through.
Many of us may have that feeling of “time flies” at this point in the year, and “time” is the very topic of this month’s Yokowo Newsletter.
We would like to introduce some trivia on the topic in hopes that this brings you a pleasant short break.


【Before the Invention of Clocks/Watches】

Before clocks were invented, people used a vertical stick on the ground and used the shade to figure out the time of day.
This “ancient clock” was vulnerable to seasonal changes, climate influences, and lacked accuracy.

Meanwhile in Japan, where Yokowo’s Main office is located, June 10th is the “Anniversary of Time,” which is a celebration of Emperor Tenji for his invention of a water clock.
(Obviously, the Emperor might not have “made” the clock himself, but at the very least it is credited to him.)

【Modern Clocks/Watches】

Mechanical clocks were first developed in the 11th century, which brought better precision.
Back then the clock was predominantly used to keep time for religious prayers, and it was only around the 19th century when the modern style of wrist watches started being marketed by jewelers.
Even today, wrist watches are sometimes used to reflect one’s social status.

【History of Wrist Watches and Yokowo】

The metal part that holds the main watch body and watch band together was first invented by the founder of Yokowo.
The spring bar, as it says in its name, has a spring inside the thin tube which enables both ends to be compressed when squeezed.
It made replacing watch bands simple and easy, it is widely used all over the world today.

~Learn more about Yokowo’s history, which started from a spring bar~

【Yokowo connector is used in wearable item as smart watch】

Smart watch market is expanding in recent years and  Yokowo connector is used as charging and internal connection and help to make smart watch thinner.
Minimum working height of Yokowo connector is 1.5mm and this low-profile, small-sized features preferred to customer.  Also better vibration resistance feature is suitable for wearable product and Yokowo connector has been adopted to many wearable devices.

Yokowo have option for waterproof and can propose by meeting customer requirement based on our past adoption experiences.
It is chosen by variety of method for waterproof as O-ring, potting, insert etc.

If you have any trouble or concern in your device design, please feel free to reach us.

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