News Letter has been released(2021.Apr)!! ~A miniature connector for a simple wire attachment[lead socket]~

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Last time, we introduced “waterproof types”, but today’s topic we will focus on introducing “lead socket”.


【Lead Socket ~One Action Type (for solid wire) ~】

・Compatible wire : solid wire, overcoat stranded wire
・Recommended wire diameter : Φ0.5-Φ0.65 (AWG#22-#24)
・Dimensions : L3.5mm×W2.6mm×T2.0mm
・Supports reflow soldering
・Two types; optional reflective cover is available

Requires only one action (insert/pull) for installation/removal of the wire.
Recommended for small devices; miniature design & low profile.
This lead socket can be used as SMD.
The optional reflective cover enables installation around a light source.
The miniature design helps saves space, increase reliability, and reduces the assembly process.
We are flexible in making a custom design on requests for larger/smaller wire diameters, improved mating features, etc.

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【Lead Socket ~One Action Type (for stranded wire) ~】

・Compatible wire : stranded wire, overcoat stranded wire, solid wire
・Recommended wire diameter : 
      Stranded wire : Φ0.6-Φ0.8 (AWG#22-#24)
      Solid wire : Φ0.5-Φ0.65 (AWG#22-#24)
・Dimensions : L4.28mm×W2.5mm×T2.2mm
・Supports reflow soldering

Lead socket connector is compatible with stranded wire.
One action wiring structure helps with the customer’s iron soldering process.
Heat-resistant and highly reflective resin is used for the resin body, and so it doesn’t require distance from a LED or other light-emitting sources.
This connector is highly reliable, space saving, and reduces the assembly process.
If your requirements need a different wire diameter, improving retention force, etc., Yokowo can propose a custom design.  Please feel free to contact us.

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〈New〉 Lead Socket ~ Two Action Type~】

・Compatible wire : stranded wire
・Recommended wire diameter : AWG#20
・Dimensions : L4.28mm×W2.5mm×T2.2mm
・Supports reflow soldering

This lead socket is a new release with the concept for high cable retention.
Two action for insertion and removal structure removes the need for the iron soldering process.
Similar to the one action type, with a heat resistant reflective resin, it can be placed near light sources. This connector has anti-vibration, anti-shock, high reliability, space saving, and reduces the assembly process. Please feel free to contact us if you need further details or a sample request.

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Upcoming Topic
We will introduce connectors with high contact reliability ; "Two-piece connectors".

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