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Last time, we introduced “floating pogo pin connector with crown cut tube type” but today’s topic we will focus on introducing “floating pogo pin connector types”.


Soldering is not needed for assembly.
・Floating Structure (equivalent to a dual-sided connector)
As both ends are movable the connector can link both contact points
・Large Selection (21 Types)
We have a variety of standard products, which have a working height starting from 2.2mm to 13mm.

<Solderless Floating Function>

Pogo pin is press fitted directly into customer’s device and with the floating functionality both ends can connect to a PCB, terminal, etc.

Normally, pogo pin connectors need to be soldered to a PCB, soldered to a wire, or mated to a female connector.
Not only does the floating function reduce the need for soldering, but also reduces the number of parts and helps simplify the assembly process.

Also, Yokowo can help find the optimal housing design to accommodate floating pins based on the customer’s device. Please contact us.
<Connector – Floating Type>
Yokowo offers 21 types of floating connectors with working heights ranging from 2.2mm~13mm. 
For further details click here.
Custom designs are also available.

<Examples of Use>
・Internal contacts when connecting PCBs & terminals
・Interfaces between a device and an accessory module for easy attachment & removal.
Application Examples:
Medical devices, Electronic Devices for consumers, Cameras, Industrial Equipment, Security devices, etc.​
Upcoming Topic
We will cover details on Waterproof Connectors.

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