Special Specifications

Can SPRING CONNECTOR™ be used for high-speed data transmission?

Yes. We have products in high-speed data transmission such as 10G bps (equivalent to USB3.1 gen2).

For high-speed data transmission specifications, can electromagnetic field simulation be performed at the design stage?

Yes, electromagnetic field simulation is possible at the design stage.
We can also make design proposals based on the results of the simulation.

Can you support standards such as USB3.1 gen.2?

Yes, we can support high-speed signals of the USB standard.
Please contact us to confirm the signal to be transmitted and the approximate connector size.

What is the difference between the high current type of SPRING CONNECTOR™ and the normal ones? Under what conditions are they guaranteed?

The internal structure of SPRING CONNECTOR™ differs between the standard type and the high current type. The temperature rise during energizing is guaranteed to be less than +30°.

If the connector is waterproof, can it be energized while wet or underwater?

Our waterproof connectors will perform as guaranteed after water has dried, but they are not designed to be energized while wet or to be used underwater. After wiping off the water, dry the connector thoroughly before use.

What part of the connector on the waterproof receptacle is waterproof? What is the product warranty?

The waterproof receptacle connector is guaranteed to be waterproof between the connector terminal and the connector housing. Waterproofing between the connector housing and the device enclosure depends on the design of the device, so the waterproof design of the device enclosure must be done by the customer, but we can assist you in the design process. As for the inspection during mass production, 100% air leakage test is conducted before shipment.

By compressing the O-ring between the pin and connector housing, ingress protection is achieved between pin and housing (yellow arrow).
* Blue arrows indicate water ingress routes.

Can you supply parts including the gasket used for waterproofing with the device side?

We do not guarantee the waterproofing between the connector housing and the device, as it depends on the design of the device side, but we can supply the connector housing with a waterproofing gasket.

Waterproofing between the connector and the device by compressing the gasket between the device enclosure and the connector housing (yellow arrows)
* Blue arrows indicate water ingress routes

Is it possible to use the SPRING CONNECTOR™ as waterproof if an O-ring is attached to it?

If an O-ring is attached to the standard SPRING CONNECTOR™, the waterproof guarantee is not provided because water may accumulate inside the tube and cause corrosion or other problems.Please click here for the fully waterproof option with performance guarantee.

Although the O-ring enables waterproofing between the connector housing and the spring connector, water may seep into the spring connector, resulting in corrosion.

What are the mounting and usage precautions for waterproof SPRING CONNECTOR™?

Refer to ① to ③ below for the mounting position and method. Please refrain from using liquids other than water (such as cola or chemicals) or allowing foreign objects to enter the connector.
① Connector mounting method ② Connector in mounted condition ③ Gasket installation

The connector is designed in such a way that the contact point on the bottom side of the connector (red frame above) contacts the mating component (board pattern, etc.) solderlessly.The connector is fixed firmly with screws to the board.

By standard, the outer gasket is not included in the scope of supply. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Waterproofing between the connector and the device by compressing the gasket between the device enclosure and the connector housing (yellow arrows)
* Blue arrows indicate water ingress routes