What is the initial cost of a custom SPRING CONNECTOR™?

The basic structure of a SPRING CONNECTOR™ consists of three parts: pin, tube, and spring.Since these parts are machined or processed without special jigs or molds, there are no initial costs. Initial costs or tooling costs will be incurred for plastic parts such as the connector housing, picking cap or packaging such as tape and reel, and stamped metal terminals such as leaf springs or support plates.

Is it possible to customize the overall length and stroke of SPRING CONNECTOR™?

The overall length and stroke can be changed by changing the length of the pin (moving part) and tube.Both parts can be machined, so there is no initial cost.
* If the vacuum cap or packaging (tape & reel, etc.) cannot be reused from a standard part, tooling costs for the mold will apply.

Is it possible to customize the contact shape of SPRING CONNECTOR™?

The rounded pin tip shape is ideal for most applications. If it is changed, there is a possibility that continuity may become unstable depending on the shape. Please contact our sales representative for information on changing the shape of the contact point.

Is it possible to customize the geometry of the connector housing?

Yes, it is possible to customize it according to the structure of the device.
Customization requires a customized housing mold and packaging mold, which are designed and produced in-house at the customer's expense.

Is it possible to customize the number of pins in SPRING CONNECTOR™?

The number of pins per connector can be changed by customizing the connector housing. It is possible to customize the pin arrangement and pin pitch according to your requirements.
It is also possible to customize the length and type of pins, and to incorporate different types of pins for power and signals into a single connector housing.

Is it possible to add a surface finish (grain) to the connector housing?

Yes, it is possible to apply a grain finish to the connector housing. Please let us know the desired grain number.

Is it possible to supply parts with SPRING CONNECTOR™ and cables assembled?

Yes, we can propose and supply parts for cable assemblies of SPRING CONNECTOR™.

Is it possible to change the plating thickness?

Yes, it is possible to change the plating thickness. We can make a proposal based on your requirements.

Is it possible to lower the contact resistance?

For resistance reduction from the standard contact resistance values (50m Ω /100m Ω ), please contact us for product evaluation.

Is it possible to increase the guaranteed endurance?

Please contact us for more information about increasing the guaranteed mating cycle count, as this may require product evaluation, spring design, and plating specification changes.

Is it possible to guarantee under the conditions of our own durability test?

Please contact us for more information. We will determine if a warranty is possible or not after conducting our in-house evaluation.

Is it possible to customize the contact pressure of SPRING CONNECTOR™?

It is possible to customize the contact pressure of SPRING CONNECTOR™. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Is it possible to increase the insulation resistance of multi-pin spring connectors?

Insulation resistance is affected by the distance between pins and the material of the housing. Please contact us for details.

Is it possible to raise the upper limit of peak temperature for reflow and hand soldering?

Our standard specifications are as follows. Please refer to the specifications for details as they may vary depending on the product. For soldering under conditions exceeding the standard specifications, please contact us.

♦Reflow soldering: The following reflow profile
♦Hand soldering: Soldering iron tip temperature 350° C, soldering within 3 seconds per terminal

① Max Temp. : 250℃
② Peak Time( 245℃) : 10 seconds max
③ 220℃ Min Time : 80 seconds max
④ 180 ~ 200℃ time : 120 seconds ± 30 seconds