Questions about our products in general

What is the MSL (Moisture Level)?

The standard MSL is equivalent to MSL3.
For higher levels, please inquire at the contact person in charge.

Is the packaging of the product ESD-proof

Although static electricity is generated when the cover tape is removed from the reel, our products are not damaged by static electricity. Conductive carrier tape can be used as a countermeasure against ESD to prevent the product from being electrically charged.

What is the UL grade (flame retardant grade) for plastic parts such as housings?

We can propose plastic materials according to your requirements.
Please provide us with the desired UL grade information when you contact us.

Can the product be used outside of the specifications (out of warranty)?

The specifications can be customized based on your specific requirements and the way the product is used. Please contact us for more information.

Can our products be used in automotive and medical equipment?

Our products are used in a variety of markets, from consumer electronics to in-vehicle equipment and medical devices. However, we generally decline applications where human lives are at stake, or where our products are used in weapons.

What are the standard plating specifications and why?

The standard plating process for our products is Au plating, which has low conductor resistance and is superior in resistance degradation due to oxide film.
Au plating is the standard.

What soldering methods and conditions are supported?

The recommended soldering method differs depending on the product, but we can customize the product features according to the soldering method (flow, reflow, hand soldering and others).

How is the guaranteed current value set?

We design our products to have a temperature rise value (30°C or less) in addition to the mechanical and electrical performance.

Is the AC (alternating current) rating an effective value or a maximum value?

AC (alternating current) ratings are set in terms of RMS values.

Are there any precautions(differences in usage) when using DC or AC?

There is no difference in usage between DC and AC when using the product under the rated voltage.

How many times can reflow be performed?

The reflow cycle is limited to two times.
If you wish to reflow more than two times, please contact our sales office.

Why are the guaranteed contact resistance values different before and after the test?

The contact resistance is guaranteed at different values before and after the test.
This is to account for degradation due to testing and individual variability.