Questions about custom design

Can you customize your products?

We can customize products such as SPRING CONNECTOR™ and two-piece connectors.
We can also provide custom parts such as leaf springs using cutting processing, resin molding, and other methods. For inquiries, please contact us through our website.

What is the general flow and lead time for a custom product?

We develop a custom product according to the customer's development schedule and steps. Although it varies depending on the product specifications and the customer's development schedule, we proceed with development according to the following approximate flow. We can also work with you to qualify the products according to PPAP, ISIR or other processes based on your requirements. Please contact us to confirm the product specifications and development schedule.

Reference example
Time Flame 1~5 days 20~30 days 30 days 30 days
Receive inquiry,
confirm contents
Sample arrangement
and supply
In-house evaluation, 
submission of 
approval materials
Serial production
start and supply
* The number of days required is based on our operation days. It can be adjusted according to the customer's schedule and development steps.
* The number of days may vary depending on the product type and other factors. Please contact us for details.

Who should I contact if I want to consider customization?

Inquiries about customization can be made through our website. After your inquiry, our sales office in charge of your area will contact you. For our sales offices, please click here.

What information is required for customization?

When we receive an inquiry about customization, we will ask for the following information.
  • Development schedule: Our objective is to ensure smooth development through to mass production.
  • Planning quantity: To confirm and ensure capacity.
  • Installation set: We check the set for the purpose of making a proposal with appropriate specifications.
  • Usage: To ensure that we offer the appropriate specifications for the intended use of the product.
  • Connector requested: Product type, allowable size and others

What are the specification items required for a custom product?

When inquiring about custom products, our sales representatives will confirm the following items. Please feel free to contact us first.
  • Product type (SPRING CONNECTOR™, two-piece connector, others)
  • Positioning and approximate dimensions of the area to be contacted by the custom connector
  • Number of pins required per connector
  • Approximate size of the connector
  • Rated current value
  • Mounting method (surface mount, reflow solder, hand solder)