Spiral Connector

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General Information

Application - Signal(S) Recommended Working height - 1.65-2.00mm Mounting Method - Reflow
Basic concept
  • High productivity from Simple structure
  • Vertical contact
  • Low profile with long Stroke
  • Small space (Bottom : 2.3mm diameter)


Small space (Bottom : 2.3mm diameter)
Reference Drawing
Target Specification
Free height 2.25mm
Working height 1.7mm
Full stroke height 1.6mm
Spring force 0.8N±0.2N at WH
Contact durability 5,000 cycles
Rated current 1A
Contact resistance 50mΩ Max

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P/S Diagram

Recommended Working Range:0.35mm stroke.(0.36N - 0.87N / 1.65-2.0mm working height)

Pressure Stress Analysis

Nominal Stroke
Full Stroke
Prevents compression beyond full stroke from occurring

Common condition
Free Height 2.25mm
Working height 1.7mm
Spring Force 0.8N
Material 0C5210 R-H

※Material thickness

Space Saving Comparison
Spiral Clip
Outer Dimension Φ 2.3mm 1.7mm
Custom Designed Product