High Durability

High Current

100K Cycle Requirement

Cradle applications require high durability (100K cycles). Yokowo key technology “Plating” allows us to achieve these requirements.

Plating Process Vacuum plating & Maintaining of underplating

During the vacuum plating process Yokowo prevents air-cushions from forming, which will ensure that equal plating can take place even in the inner bottom of the tube.

In case a longer stroke is needed, a longer tube must be applied.

In order to ensure proper plating, a bleeding hole will be placed on either the tube side or the bottom side for inner plating consistency.

Advanced Pogo pin I Application for High Durability

Some competitors only guarantee mechanical cycle durability, and afterwards pogo pin performance is compromised. Yokowo guarantees both electrical and mechanical performance, therefore contact resistance is always stable even after 100K cycles!

  Initial After 100K

Competitor A