New Product Release "Stranded Wire Connector"

New product, surface mount small stranded wire connector!

With Yokowo’s unique connector technology, Yokowo has developed a lead socket connector for "stranded wire".
Lead socket is designed to eliminate the complicated hand soldering process and save money on production costs.
The new type does not require an overcoat and can also accept non-overcoated "stranded wire" !!

  • Designed for stranded wire
  • Easy one step wire insertion process
  • Reflow soldering is applicable
  • High contact reliability from dual beam contacts
Dimensions: W 2.5mm x L 4.3mm x H 2.2mm
ITEM SPEC Condition
Recommended wire AWG #22 - 24 Core diameter : Φ0.54~0.8mm
Rated Current 12V 4amp Temp rise ⊿30℃
Contact resistance 30m Ohm max (initial) Not including wire
Operating Temp. -40 ~ 105 ℃  
Contact durability 5 times Max Use new cable/same AWG


Nov, 2019