New waterproof Pogo Pin Connector

April 2019

Yokowo has just developed a new standard product, a waterproof (IPX7) Pogo Pin Connector.
It's coming soon, so contact a Yokowo sales rep today to find out more!

Part Number : S-J-5215X-5-25-0000


  • - It can be mounted without soldering due to its floating pogo pin function.
  • - Movable pins allow some fitting gaps.
  • - Rubber flexes with pin movement, and its unique construction creates a waterproof seal.


  • - Waterproof : IPX7
  • - Rated Current : 2A
  • - Rated Voltage : AC / DC 12V
  • - Contact Resistance : 50mΩ Max

Waterproof mating connectors are also available as our standard line-up.

For more information, please contact us at: